Load Test

The  analyses,  conclusions  and  recommendations  contained  in  the  report  are  based  on  facility conditions as they presently exist, building structural drawings and building constructed following standard practices of building code (BNBC 2011) .

The main scopes of the investigation work are as follows:

  1. Field work

                a)      Checking & comparing Column, Beam, Slab, Stair, Lift core location of practical situation to the supplied drawings due to the dead load calculation of existing building.

               b)      Checking & comparing machine position and number of occupancies of practical situation to the supplied drawings.

This Feasibility Study is carried out according to following steps:

  1. Visual observation: In this part visual observation team survey the building and report on existing condition.

Load calculation: Developed a complete dead load analysis of the structure incorporating various design requirements as per Bangladesh National Building Code (BNBC) and ACI code.