Earth Resistance (ER) Test

Earth Resistance Tester is suitable for the testing of single earth electrodes such as lightning conductors and other small earthing systems. The resistance of conductors such as continuity and conduit coupling joints can also be measured. Earth resistance can be measured directly from 0.01 ohms up to 1999 ohms.

Mortar Penetration Test

he penetration resistance test used for the determination of initial and final setting time of concrete mixture in laboratory and project site, and the effects of variables, such as water content; type and amount of cementitious material; or admixtures, upon the time of setting of concrete.

Rebar testing

Rebar safety needed a better solution. The provides Auspicious superior safety to meet regulation compliance and keep workers as safe as reasonably possible.

The bright orange color enables high visibility where the Auspicious naturally defines and serves as a safety barrier by marking and covering exposed rebar areas.

Simply place the Auspicious on exposed rebar dowels and you are protected from being impaled. The Auspicious works in vertical, incline and horizontal applications.

Load Test

Static pile load testing is one of the most common methods for testing the actual in-situ capacity of a pile. The test program involves the direct measurement of pile head displacement in response to a physically applied load.

Reduce costs and ensure a consistent quality of consultant:

  • Test early, detect early: component level load testing helps identify potential performance issues during the development phase
  • Quicker start for scalability plans
  • Cost Optimization by identifying load and performance issues before the customer is impacted
  • Competitive pricing: get a better return on investment by having access to our SMEs along with regular resources.
  • Full-cycle performance testing and engineering services in Bangladesh.

Many projects require load testing. This can be in the form of pre-production testing to confirm design or proof testing after pile installation is completed. Auspicious provides all testing required for our own work, along with testing for other types of piles.

Thermal Scanner

Thermal Scanning is a vital method of inspecting electrical and mechanical equipment(s) by obtaining heat distribution pictures using infrared camaras. This inspection method is based on the fact that, most components in a system show an increase in temperature when malfunctioning. The increase in temperature in an electrical circuit could be due to loose connections or a worn bearing in the case of mechanical equipment. By observing the heat patterns in operational system components, faults can be located, and seriousness of malfunction can be evaluated. Thermal imaging can be used for:

  • Building surveys
  • Electrical surveys
  • Mechanical surveys
  • Plumbing surveys

The new generation thermal imaging cameras are compact, loaded with comprehensive, easy to use software and are available at a wide range of prices, bringing them within easy reach of most tool boxes.

Keeping your thermal cameras calibrated is essential in ensuring that it stays accurate. We provide a fast and efficient calibration service at extremely competitive prices.

The thermal imaging market is constantly changing and developing, and is now more accessible to consumers than it has ever been before. It's an exciting time for us, and the thermal imaging world, and we are proud to cement our status as an experienced and reliable expert brand. The cameras we provide, and use when we conduct surveys, are some of the most accurate and sophisticated products on the market, ensuring that you will always get a result you can trust.

Core Cutting & Testing

This test method covers obtaining, preparing, and testing cores drilled from concrete for length or compressive strength or splitting tensile strength determinations. This test method is not applicable to cores from shotcrete. This test method provides standardized procedures for obtaining and testing specimens to determine the compressive, splitting tensile, and flexural strength of inplace concrete. Core testing is very important to determine the concrete strength of existing structures. It’s required for existing structural analysis.

Cores are commonly taken through concrete, bituminous materials, bricks, blocks or natural stone.   Once cores are taken, they can be taken back to the laboratory where for specialized in house analysis at specific diameters.  Horizontal cores can be taken through walls or abutments.

Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity

This test is conducted by passing a pulse of ultrasonic through concrete to be tested and measuring the time taken by pulse to get through the structure. Higher velocities indicate good quality and continuity of the material, while slower velocities may indicate concrete with many cracks or voids.

Ultrasonic testing equipment includes a pulse generation circuit, consisting of electronic circuit for generating pulses and a transducer for transforming electronic pulse into mechanical pulse having an oscillation frequency in range of 40 kHz to 50 kHz, and a pulse reception circuit that receives the signal.

The pulse velocity in a material depends on its density and its elastic properties which in turn are related to the quality and the compressive strength of the concrete.

 In compliance with the international standards, this testing service is rendered to assess the quality of concrete by ultrasonic pulse velocity method.

This method includes testing quality of concrete quality in terms of density, uniformity, homogeneity, etc. We ensure that our professionals are skilled well-versed in their concerned domain and make sure that the assigned task is completed on time.

Hammer (Rebound) Test

Schmidt hammer or the rebound hammer technology, is the global benchmark for nondestructive compressive strength estimation, and make it possible to drastically reduce the need for concrete coring. Rebound Hammer test could be used for:

  • Assessing the likely compressive strength of concrete with the help of suitable correlation between rebound index and compressive strength.
  • Assessing the uniformity of concrete
  • Assessing the quality of the concrete in relation to the standard requirements.
  • Assessing the quality of one element of concrete in relation to another.

These testing services have gained huge applauds amongst our clients due to reliability, perfect execution, hassle free management, client-focused approach and timeliness. For efficient and timely execution, our professionals only use the latest machines and cutting-edge technology while executing these testing services.

Auspicious is involved in providing a qualitative Rebound Hammer Test Service to our esteemed clients. We have a team of experts who render this service by making use of modern testing equipment in adherence to predefined industry standards.

Pile Integrity Test (PIT)

The Pile Driving Analyzer (PDA) system is the most widely employed system for Dynamic Load Testing and Pile Driving Monitoring in the world. High Strain Dynamic Load Tests, also called PDA tests, assess the capacity of several piles in a single day. Pile Driving Analyzer systems also evaluate shaft integrity, driving stresses, and hammer energy when monitoring installation. If you plan to use your PDA to test non-driven piles make sure to read about that application as The PDA conforms to ASTM D4945 and many other codes and specifications. The PDA Software Suite, consisting of PDA-S with iCAP, PDIPLOT2 and PDI-Curves, outputs report that satisfy ASTM 4945 requirements. An SPT Software add-on to the PDA-S enables the PDA-8G to determine the energy transferred to SPT rods

Auspicious is a specialist provider of pile integrity testing techniques to assess the condition of concrete pile foundations. Using the latest portable system, we are able to conduct advanced interpretation of data measuring pile length, pile head stiffness and pile shaft mobility.


Ferro Scan is one of the non-destructive tests used to find and estimate the size of rebar in concrete structures, and provide accurately the depth of concrete cover ––

1. Rebar verification and analysis

2. Checking concrete cover over large areas for structural repair work

3. Building acceptance inspections and quality control

4. Helps avoid costly rebar hits and damage caused by cutting through structurally significant reinforcement when coring and hammer drilling

5. Generation of structural assessment reports including statistics and visual presentation in 2D views of areas.

Auspicious use the most accurate and effective Ferro and Hilti scanning equipment on the market today. To ensure that you know every hidden aspect of the structure before any drilling, coring work or design changes are made.

Soil Test/Geo Technical Investigation

Soil testing is a very important part of building and road construction. Thus, the purpose of soil testing for construction is to determine the suitability of the soil for the type of construction to be done. It also identify the bearing capacity, characteristics of Soil. Various field and Laboratory tests as well as geotechnical experts are required to perform this test. Soil testing for construction waste is a necessity – especially on contaminated brownfield sites. So why choose Auspicious?

  • Determine the suitability of the soil and assess whether it can accommodate your construction project
  • Identify the different types of soil on your site and their location
  • Test your soil for strength, density, compaction, contamination, organics and sand content, and assess their impact on your construction project
  • Gain the data you need to compile technical and safety data reports to support planning permissions and license applications
  • Get precise results and observe the development of the soil throughout your construction project for maximum quality and safety


Electrical Safety Assessment

Electrical Safety Assessment is a detailed electrical investigation. It’s a comprehensive engineering assessment of electrical equipment, cable and it’s size, capacity, sockets capacity and load distribution inquiries and a report on the electrical safety status of a building. Different NDT test is required to collect the required data. BNBC/ NFPA/Accord/Alliance/NTPA guidelines are followed to perform these activities.

Auspicious can give you access to a series of benefits that you can take advantage of. Some of the key reasons for you to choose us include –

  1. Flexible Pricing Options
  2. Best Infrastructure
  3. Superior Quality
  4. Single Point of Contact
  5. Consistency
  6. Vast Experience
  7. Ethical Responsibility
  8. Data Security
  9. Easily Scalable Services

Fire Safety Assessment

Fire Safety Assessment is a comprehensive assessment of fire detection, protection and evacuation system. Its objective of this assessment to eliminate fire at initial stage and evaluate all possible ways for life safety. Several NDT testing might require to perform this assessment. BNBC/ NFPA/Accord/Alliance/NTPA guidelines are followed to perform these activities.

We also provide a free, no-obligation quote for all our services, as well as free liaison with your community’s fire brigade and other local authorities. Our technicians can also make automatic scheduled visits to your property to ensure the highest standards of fire safety.


  • Registered company and service technicians
  •  Fully trained, accredited and experienced engineers
  •  No-obligation surveys and quotations carried out free of charge
  •  Free liaison with the Fire Brigade and Local Authorities
  •  Automatically scheduled maintenance visits
  •  Personal and comprehensive level of service

Lightning Protection System (LPS)

The function of a lightning protection system is to protect structures from fire or mechanical destruction and to prevent that person in buildings are injured or even killed. Functions of lightning protection system are –

  •  Interception of direct lightning strikes via an air-termination system
  •  Safe discharge of lightning current to earth via a down-conductor system
  •  Distribution of the lightning current in the ground via an earth-termination system




Auspicious will design a world class lightning protection system for your property with everything you need included. We provide all materials, engineers, & equipment as well as complete project management for the design, installation & maintenance of your new lightning protection system. 

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

As one of the leading BIM outsourcing services providers in Bangladesh, Auspicious BIM offers CAD and BIM solutions to the AEC industry. Auspicious BIM is a Bangladesh based BIM outsourcing company providing Revit 3D modelling (Architectural, Structural, MEPFS), Design Coordination and Clash Detection, Revit Family Creation and Maintenance, Scan to BIM, PDF to BIM, and CAD to BIM services for clients across Architectural Design & MEP Engineering Firms, Construction (GC/CM) Companies, Laser Scan Companies, Building Products, and Furniture Manufacturers.

Our experience includes delivering over 100 plus projects across all types of industries/sectors such as Hotel, Multi-Residential, Education, Commercial, Hospitals, Medical Centers, Government, Retail, Manufacturing, and Warehouse/Storage.

Our BIM Services:


Auspicious BIM offers Interior & Exterior Visualization, Modeling, Animation and Walk-through services for Architectural, marketing and visualization purposes.

As Built Drawing

As-built Modelling Services are created once a project is completed for the purpose of documentation. These 2D Drawings or 3D Models reflect any modifications or adjustments that are done on site. Our As-Built drawings provide significant insight into architectural, structural and MEP components utilized in the building.

Construction professionals require As-built drawings during project remodeling, changes in leased space, historic preservation, asset management, emergency planning, and various other purposes. Auspicious creates CAD As-built drawings for residential as well as commercial projects.

As-Built Drafting Services are utilized for surveys, maintenance and review of the existing buildings. They also aid in the renovation and restoration process. They can be used for construction and restoration of historical, residential, commercial or industrial buildings. Ensures the renovation process is efficient and well-coordinated.

  1. Point Cloud to BIM
  2. BIM Clash Coordination
  3. Shop Drawing Services
  4. MEP Services
  5. Structural Services
  6. Architectural Services

Detailed Engineering Assessment(DEA)

A Detailed Engineering Assessment (DEA) is a comprehensive engineering assessment of a structure. A Structural modeling as well as every element of the structures should be checked during this Assessment. Several NDT (Non-Destructive test) as well as SDT (Semi-Destructive test) need to perform to collect relevant structural information. Accord/Alliance/NTPA guidelines are followed to perform these activities.

A strong customer focus, an in-depth knowledge of core technologies & industrial practices and our strength in engineering expertise, enable Auspicious to successfully execute engineering projects.

Basic design and engineering are a basis of detailed engineering which creates a high quality, cost effective and timely engineered project development. It includes all the studies to be performed before starting of the project. These engineering studies are the key for every project development across every industrial sector. Auspicious provides the following Detailed Engineering Services:

  • Process Engineering
  • Instrumentation & Controls Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Plant Design & Piping Engineering

Civil Structural Engineering

Preliminary Engineering Assessment (PEA)

A Preliminary Engineering Assessment (PEA) is an engineering investigation and reporting of a structure. A Preliminary Engineering Assessment is required to make a preliminary assessment of a Structure. If the Structure is not feasible with this assessment, a detailed engineering assessment might require. Different NDT test might require to complete this test. An ABD (As built Drawing) will be prepared during this period. Accord/Alliance/DIFE guidelines are followed to perform these activities.

Retrofitting Design

We provide Retrofitting Design Service and Structural Strengthening Services for Residential, Commercial, shopping mall, Institutional, Hospital, Hotel, Industrial, MS structure, factories, bridge, road, Airport, Water Park, transmission lines, power substation, wooden work etc.

We provide complete and comprehensive Engineering services based on thorough investigations, analysis, design, economic consideration and functional requirements. We have extensive expertise in the design of new buildings, evaluation, renovation and repair of existing structures.

1. Protecting the client’s & the public’s interest, ensuring that projects are safe, high quality and performing to their maximum potential.

2. Overseeing the retrofit process from start to finish as a project manager.

3. Ensuring appropriate integration and communication between teams

      • Retrofit Designers
      • Retrofit Assessors
      • Cost Consultants

Architectural Drawings

Auspicious team with vast experience in offering outsourcing services for Architectural designs & CAD drafting services for our international clients. We offer effective, innovative and cost-efficient concept designing, design detailing and construction drawings at low cost.

Auspicious is a thus a multi discipline company excelling in architectural and drafting services. Our proficiency in conceptualizing designs in accordance with clients' requirements has made us a reliable organization in this field. We customize each project according to your standards. Just provide us with an existing project of similar scope and we will build the project up from scratch.

  • Conceptual Design
  • Design Development
  • Contract Documents
  • Repetitive revisions and redlines
  • Construction detailing


We specialize in Revit & CAD Architectural Design Services for:

  • All kinds of housing, multi-story or row housing, in the residential sector
  • Commercial buildings, including industrial structures
  • Educational buildings
  • Office buildings
  • Hotels, churches and retail facilities

Structural Design (RCC and steel Structure)

RCC structures are nothing but reinforced concrete structures. A RCC & Steel structure is composed of building components such as footings, columns, beams, slabs, staircase etc.

Our experienced and highly skilled engineers participate in the engineering design of a project from the early stages of architectural concept design to accurately and economically define the structural systems.


We have vast experience on working with complex and non-planar structures where structural system functions are also defined on the components of architectural design, and we provide technical implementation consultancy services during the construction phase of these structures.


Auspicious is capable of providing specialty engineering services on seismic isolated structures, retrofitting and reinforcing of unreinforced masonry structures, restoration and re-construction of historical structures, tensile membrane structures as well as heavy engineering projects such as marine and underground structures, and experienced on working with variety of building materials including reinforced concrete, structural steel, timber, composite, reinforced or unreinforced masonry, glass, fabrics or hybrid of other materials.


Auspicious provides accurate steel structural Steel Structure Design and Drawing to your construction projects of all sizes. We are well known amongst the engineers, detailers, fabricators, builders and project owners for creating precise detailing. We have been serving to both the offshore clients and domestic clients for years.

New Tower Design

Auspicious designs towers that can be integrated into the natural environment and withstand extreme forces for decades. Auspicious do finite element analysis of tower following current code standard as well as 3D modeling, fabrication and installation drawing.

Tower Strengthening Work:

Due to multiple reason such as new antenna being installed, age of the tower, rusting of steel member etc., existing tower needs to be redesign and a strengthening solution has to be found. Tower structural analysis has been performed before and after the modifications to ensure tower remains structurally sound.